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Warranty for Equipments

Warranty for Equipments

Article at UDPrinter.com published by Aully on date 15/06/12

One-year Comprehensive Warranty for the Equipment & Machine of UDPrinter.com

UDPrinter.com guarantees that all the products are qualified in quality and the technical specifications have reached the factory inspection of OQC (Outgoing Quality Control). 

(1)  The entire body of all equipments or machines (except consumables) we sell is provided with a 2 - year warranty.

(2)  Maintenance methods in which two options (either - or) available for the buyer: 

· Normal: The buyer sends back a problematic part and UDPrinter.com will identify whether repair or change a new one.

· Urgent: The buyer purchases a replacement and meanwhile sends back the problematic part, and then UDPrinter.com will identify and decide whether refund the replacement.

(3)  The Start Time of Warranty: Once such an equipment is shipped out.

(4)  For maintenance service, please provide the invoice of purchase order (on which it indicates the equipment or machine model number, name and sold date), equipment or machine serial number, trouble or breakdown description, and better attach photo (s) or video (s).

(5)  The purchase order PI is the essential proof for maintenance which ensures your legal interest and right. Please keep it properly after purchase.

Additional announcement, the following situations are not covered by the 1-year warranty:

(1)  Any product or commodity which was not sold out by UDPrinter.com (The model number and serial number are not issued by UDPrinter.com) 

(2)  Any unauthorized repairing, mistake in use, damage, negligence, misuse, accident, change or modification, quality problem caused by incorrect installation;

(3)  Tearing up or modifying of the label or the serial number of such an equipment or machine;

(4)  Normal consumption or wearing off such nature usage, wearing down or aging of the cover or shell, plugging or socketing part or unit, etc;

(5)  The using environment (temperature & humidity) did not match up the requirement specified in the manual or instruction document;

(6)  The trouble or breakdown caused by incorrect operation or failure in following the operation instructed in the manual or instruction document;

(7)  The parts or software not purchased from UDPrinter.com;

(8)  The wearing or vulnerable part;

(9)  The breakdown or damage caused by nature disaster or force majeure (Such as earthquake, fire, flood, typhoon, thundering, etc).

For Receiving Equipment or Machine: 

Normally, we will provide you the pictures of equipment or machine and its packing before shipping in order to proof such item in good condition without damages. When you receive it, suppose you find damage on external packing, instead of signing acceptance, please open it first and check the item inside the packing if there is any damage. If you find damage, you can definitely refuse signing acceptance and then claim loss from the express service company. At the same time, please take photos of the damaged packing and item, and contact us (Either our sales consultant whom you know or send email to Aully@hotmail.com ). Hence, our people will assist you in handling such dispute.